Tasting the Best of Egyptian Cuisine on a Food Tour of Egypt 1

Discovering Egypt’s Culinary Treasures

Egypt is an ancient country brimming with history, culture, and rich flavors. For food lovers, Egypt is a paradise – offering a diverse range of tastes and textures that bring happiness to the palate. This country is a home to world-famous dishes such as falafel, kushari, kebab, shawarma, and kofta. In addition, there are many local delights to discover. A food tour of Egypt provides a golden opportunity to try the best food and drink, and experience Egyptian hospitality at its finest.

Tasting the Best of Egyptian Cuisine on a Food Tour of Egypt 2

Feasting in Cairo

Cairo is a bustling city of sensory overload. The capital’s food markets are a foodie’s haven, bringing together everything from dates and nuts to honey and spices. There’s a wide array of street food available that is both affordable and delicious. During a Cairo food tour, don’t miss the chance to try the hearty local breakfast dish of ful medames. This savory bean and tomato stew is typically topped with boiled eggs, pickled vegetables, and onion. Eager to continue investigating the subject? egypt pyramids tour, we’ve picked this for your continued reading.

If you’re in search of something sweet, you must try the local dessert, Umm Ali – a cross between bread pudding and rice pudding, soaked in sweetened milk and covered with toasted nuts, raisins, and coconut flakes. Cairo also offers an array of savory dishes, like koshari, a delightful vegetarian medley of noodles, lentils, chickpeas, fried onions, and tomato sauce.

Delights of Upper Egypt

As we head south, we discover Upper Egypt, the birthplace of the pharaohs. In this region, there is no better place to indulge in local cuisine than in Luxor. One can explore the local market in Luxor, which is replete with all sorts of fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. While you’re here, be sure to try the Ta’meya, made of mashed fava beans, onions, and spices. The dish is a crispy and fulfilling snack that’s bound to satisfy.

Luxor also boasts extravagant grilled meat dishes, such as shish tawouk, chicken pieces marinated in garlic, lemon, and yogurt, and grilled over charcoal. For the more adventurous, enjoy a pigeon dish cooked in a traditional Egyptian oven. Pigeon is one of the specialties of the city, and there are loads of restaurants where you can taste this local delicacy.

A Culinary Journey to Aswan

Our journey ends in Aswan, the southernmost city in Egypt. In Aswan, one must try the Nubian food, which is completely different from the food in other parts of Egypt. The Nubian cuisine offers an interesting mix of flavors, such as tamarind, dried lime, and molokhia, making it a rich culinary experience altogether.

Aswan’s famous dish is the Koshari of the South, also known as the Mulukhiyah. This dish consists of a stew made of green leaves and served with eggplant, chicken or rabbit meat, and rice. Another dish worth trying is the Fattah, a layered dish made with rice, bread, tomato sauce and meat. It is prepared with tender lamb pieces cooked with spices and toasted bread, topped with tomato sauce and meat broth, garnished with fried onions. Delve further into the subject and uncover fresh perspectives using this handpicked external material. https://www.pyramidsland.com.


Egypt is an endless source of rich flavors and culinary delights. Foodies can experience the country’s rich history and culture through the food, while enjoying the hospitality of the Egyptian people. From the bustling cities to the sleepy rural villages, Egypt has something for every food lover.

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