DIY Ideas to Display Your Funko Pops 1

Funko Pops have become a popular collector’s item for fans of pop culture. These vinyl figures come in a variety of characters from movies, TV shows, and video games. With so many different Funko Pops to collect, fans are always looking for creative and fun ways to display them. Here are some DIY ideas to showcase your Funko Pop collection.

1. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a simple yet stylish way to display your Funko Pops. You can purchase pre-made floating shelves at most furniture stores or make your own using wood and brackets. The shelves can be customized to fit the size and number of your Pops. Arrange them in a colorful and eye-catching pattern for a creative display.

2. Picture Frames

Transform picture frames into an inventive home for your Funko Pops. Remove the glass and backing and paint or cover them in colorful paper. You can also add shelves or hooks inside the frame to securely hold the figures. Attach the frames to the wall with screws or adhesive strips for a unique and attractive wall display.

3. Shadow Boxes

A shadow box is a great way to showcase your Funko Pops in a three-dimensional manner. These boxes come in many sizes and can be found at craft stores or online. Line the background with colored paper or fabric and use glue or double-sided tape to attach the figures to the shadow box. You can also add labels or small props to the display to enhance its theme.

4. Bookshelf Displays

Bookshelves can be transformed into a Funko Pop haven with a little creativity. Use tiered bookends or small crates to create different levels on the shelf. This will give your Pops a natural height variation and allow for more visibility. You can also arrange them by color or theme for added visual interest.

5. Diorama Displays

A diorama display involves creating a small scene or setting for your Funko Pops. This can be done using a simple cardboard box or a more elaborate structure like a dollhouse. You can create the setting to match the character’s world or create a unique environment. The possibilities are endless and will make for a truly original display. Delve further into the topic by reading this carefully chosen external resource. bluey toys


There are many ways to display your Funko Pops that are creative and easy to make. From floating shelves to diorama displays, with a little imagination, you can create a unique showcase for your collection. These displays not only allow you to show off your beloved Pops but also add a personal touch to your home décor.

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